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Kuroda Kobo Co., Ltd.

有限会社 黒田工房

In Japan, The Association for Conservation of National Treasures manages the conservation and repairs on works that are classified as national treasures, such as architecture, arts and crafts and even paintings and books. Kuroda Kobo located in Kyoto is a subcontractor of the twelve members association task to conserve “kumiko” which can be described as lattice work. Kumiko is applied mainly on architecture and occasionally on furniture and even picture frames. Kuroda Kobo was founded in 1961 and have been making and repairing fusuma (Japanese sliding door) and a byobu (folding screen) for a long time since its founding. In order to repair national treasures, in depth knowledge of the history and traditional techniques are needed. Mr. Usui is the third president of Kuroda Kobo. Succeeding the traditional technique of kumiko, he is also developing three-dimensional wooden products by incorporating his own technique such as kyosashimono (Kyoto cabinetwork) and magemono (wood bending). In 2016, he launched a new product in Milano, Italy. They are introducing this new style of wooden products to the world with the mission of handing down traditional techniques.


Flagship Products



Designed by Tsukasa Goto
[ Kuroda Kobo × Hands on Design ]

Kumiko Pattern


Kumiko Pattern


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