5 colors of GOSU


Gosu is a name of a blue pigment used for glazing and it has been used for painting patterns of porcelain in Arita for a long time. Since the founding of Soekyu Seitosho, the company has been very particular about Gosu blue. To make 3 different shades of any color is achievable by most producers but only Soekyu Seitosho is able to make the 5 shades of Gosu blue. The Gosu pigment is sensitive to climate change and a lot of effort goes into maintaining the consistency of the pigment. When the artisan paints on the porcelain, the Gosu which adhere on the brush expresses a beautiful world which is sometimes delicate and other time bold.

Gosu is an indigo blue pigment used in the Arita area. It is a natural mineral comprising of mainly oxide cobalt which becomes an indigo blue color after burning.




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