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La Luz Inc.

株式会社 ラ・ルース

Odawara City in Kanagawa Prefecture is well known for its wooden products along with the neighboring area of Hakone. La Luz, with their head office located in Odawara, was founded by Mr.Hidekazu Aida. Mr.Aida was born in Odawara. He loves the nature that Odawara has to offer and he wants to preserve the forest and the sea. After all, Mr. Aida is an avid surfer with 30 years of experience! It is with this heart that is he link to the current business. La Luz business started with wooden products and continue to grow by the development of a wood working factory in 2012. At that time the factory was struggling to survive. La Luz decided to take over and expanded their manufacturing capacity. Hikiyose produces tableware that uses traditional method of the factory. The tableware has a refined minimalist aesthetics and it is well received in Europe as well as in Japan. La Luz uses eco-friendly material which help in reducing the thinning of forest. A true professional in wood products who values the harmony with nature.


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