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Mizutori Industrial Co., Ltd.

株式会社 水鳥工業

In 1937, Mizutori started as a company which produces wooden base for “geta” (a kind of sandal) in Shizuoka Prefecture. Shizuoka had been the most famous area of geta industry for a long time. Until the 1970s, a pair of geta was known to be shoes for summer kimono. However, the market had shrunk due to the change of lifestyle and fashion. Although, Mizutori’s business at that time had changed to the manufacturing of materials for sandals and insole of shoes, they never ceased the thought of producing geta again someday. The second generation’s president of the company, Mr. Masashi Mizutori researched about the fashion style of domestic and overseas consumers and he started trying to change the shape and design in order to meet the modern lifestyle. In 1993, he established the new style of geta which is suitable for any clothing styles such as jeans and skirt. Currently, there are more than 60 shops selling 120 styles of “Mizutori Geta”.


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