Porcelain with a beautiful touch


“Risen-yaki” is a technique of applying patterns on porcelain using Japanese paper. Japanese paper with patterns is first applied on the surface of white porcelain and when the paper is removed the patterns will adhere to the porcelain creating beautiful patterns of lines and texture. The technique of “risen-yaki” adds a special touch to porcelain. Miyama’s range of products called “Suuun” has the motif of a sun and when it is applied on porcelain the feature of “risen-yaki” becomes prominent. You are able to feel the texture of the print when you pick up the product and this element of touch adds to appreciation of Miyama’s porcelain. Besides “Suuun”, Miyama also produces other series for example, “Sasasa” and “Kooci”. All the various designs of “risen-yaki” come in selected soft shades of colors which add to a pleasant product to be cherished.

Risen Yaki (Painting Technique)
Risen yaki is a transfer technique of using Japanese paper to apply prints on porcelain . Copper plates are used as original template for the paper. Inazu Cho of Gifu Prefecture is among the pioneers of this technique and this technique is still being used till today.




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