The wooden bowl that is smooth to the touch.


“Kijibiki” is one of the traditional techniques in Hakone and Odawara area. In order to continue to develop the wood products, La Luz pondered over the potentials of wood. As a result, they developed “Hikiyose”. Through the artisanal technique called “kijibiki”, Hikiyose’s wood products are smooth to the touch. Hikiyose uses maple, walnut and Japanese cypress. Among them, Japanese cypress is a traditional tree in Japan and the smell and touch of its timber is exquisite. Although it was difficult to make thin wooden ware using traditional methods Hikiyose was able to achieve it. A refined ware with nice tactile feel, comfortable in hand, prompts one to put superb food on a Hikiyose.

Kijibiki (Technique)
The technique of making round shaped tableware such as bowls by turning the wooden material on a potter’s wheel or lathe.




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