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Riso Porcelain Ltd.

有限会社 李荘窯業所

Riso Porcelain was founded by Mr. Shinichi Terauchi who was the great-grandfather of the current president, Mr. Shinji Terauchi. The company was named “Riso Porcelain” because the site of the head office was the dwelling place of Yi Sam-pyeong who was the founding father of Arita porcelain. Arita is one of the most famous areas of ceramics in Japan. The street where Riso Porcelain is located was called “Tokkuri dori – Sake bottle street” where once there were a lot of porcelain manufacturers producing tableware such as tokkuri, sakazuki and chopstick rest. Although Mr. Shinji Terauchi was devoted to pottery, porcelain of Arita did not interest him initially. A chance encounter with a beautiful Imari ware plate (Imari ware is the origin of Arita ware) peaked his interest and he started studying the tradition of Arita ware. Later he studied Sometsuke style of his family’s tradition thoroughly and he improved on the technique of the wheel throwing and glazing. As a result, he was able to create his own technique. Now Riso Porcelain is producing a wide range of tableware from the traditional Sometsuke style, to porcelain with a modern style. It is a small setup but highly capable, the true value and strength of the company. In recent years, they have collaborated with famous restaurants and chefs. Riso Porcelain is always thinking about the relationship between porcelain and food and they constantly challenge themselves to attain higher standards.


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