Emergence of Shadows


In 2016, a new product was launched by Kuroda Kobo. The product is so new that they have not given a name to it yet. This is a woodwork product which is made with a combination of “Kumiko” and “Mageki” techniques which expresses new interpretations of flow and surging waves. The special features of this product can be seen from the rhythmic sinuous woodgrain and texture, which lead to the emergence of shadows in unique shapes when held up against a light source. Furthermore, depending on its placement and usage, the characteristics of the product expresses itself differently which make it even more interesting. For example, when used as a lamp shade, it diffuses the light source and create interesting spatial effects of gentle rhythmic lights and shadows. This product can also be used as a screen and with its flowing nature allows for privacy yet is not imposing.

“Kumiko” is a traditional woodworking technique which involves the delicate and precise assembling of various small wooden parts without the use of nails to create a larger piece of work. Kumiko are commonly applied on Koushi (latticework), Shoji (paper sliding-doors) or Ramma (decorative transom).




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