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The Kiso area in Nagano prefecture is one of the most popular summer resorts in Japan with beautiful forests and limpid streams. This place is also renowned for the production of Kiso lacquerware. Maruyoshi Kosaka Co., Ltd. was founded in the Kiso area in 1945. Certified as a traditional craftsman, Mr. Yasuto Kosaka who is the second-generation of the family had been making low tables with lacquer coating by “Roiro nuri”, a painting technique which gives a smooth and rich polish to the surface so much so that it looks like a mirror. However, he encountered a decreasing demand for Japanese-style furniture due to lifestyle change and started to look for a way to develop new products. During the process of planning, he recalled the difficulty to fix lacquer on glass plate for tables that he was struggling with and conceived an idea of a product made by combination of lacquer and glass. With the cooperation of the Industrial Research Institute of Nagano Prefecture, he achieved a technique to fix lacquer on glass and that led to the establishment of “Suitouyo”, a brand of urushi-glass in 1994. The continuous challenge of this company created another urushi-glassware brand, “hyakushiki” in 2013 through the collaboration with independent designers. This series of tableware inspired by the kaleidoscope offers an innovative design, which has updated the image of lacquerware. By adding a twist in design, “hyakushiki” can be served favorably on the table around the world, not only in Japan.

長野県にある木曽地域は、美しい森林と清流に恵まれた日本有数の避暑地であり、木曽漆器の産地として知られている。その地で、丸嘉小坂漆器店は1945年に創業した。二代目の伝統工芸士、小坂康人は、鏡面のように平らで豊かな光沢がある「呂色塗り」の座卓を中心に制作していたが、ライフスタイルの変化とともに需要が減少。新商品の開発を模索するなかで、座卓制作時に苦心していた漆とガラスの組み合わせに着目し、長野県工業試験場の協力を受けて、漆をガラスに定着させることに成功した。1994年に、漆グラス「すいとうよ」が誕生。同店の挑戦は続き、2013年には外部のデザイナーと共に漆ガラスの新ブランド「百色 hyakushiki」を立ち上げた。万華鏡から着想を得たこのシリーズは、漆器のイメージを一新するデザインであり、日本だけでなく、世界中の食卓にも映えるように工夫されている。

Flagship Products

Hyakushiki Tubomi

百色 蕾





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