Flowing gradation of colors


The beauty of the textile of “SANJIKU” is in its fine gradations of colors. The brand name came from “Sanjiku-Kumiori”, a type of silk fabric that is produced by a huge circular loom which as of now only two such machines can be found in Kyoto. With the advantage of the technical value of the fabric derived from “Kyokumihimo”, Omiya Co., Ltd. has developed and launched the new brand. A notable method of production is the use of jacquard cards which are still being used even though digital data has taken over the industry in recent years. The complexity of the pattern of “SANJIKU” cannot be created without it.

Sanjiku-Kumiori (tri-axial woven fabric)
"Sanjiku-Kumiori" is a unique silk fabric born in Kameoka area in Kyoto and woven with threads which run in three directions. For the production of this fabric, the traditional technique of "Kyokumihimo" passed down from over a thousand years ago, has been applied and it enables the production of elastic and durable fabric. Thus, it is often used for the sash of kimono.




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