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KUMAGAI Co., Ltd. was founded in Kyoto in 1935. As a wholesaler specializing in Kyoto ware, they have the largest selection of items in the area and provide about 200 kinds of products from tea set and tableware to interior goods such as incense burner. Kyoto ware is also known as “Kiyomizu ware” and it refers to any style of pottery produced in Kyoto prefecture. Its colorful painting with a lot of gold color and a variety of styles contributes to its charm. Having a strong network of a hundred pottery manufacturers that has been built over many years, KUMAGAI Co., Ltd. has been producing items which make use of the various forms of Kyoto ware and the artisans’ skill. Among their wide range of items, “Hanakessho” (flower crystallization) is recently drawing attention in Japan and overseas market. This product was planned and developed by Mr. Takayoshi Kumagai who is the third-generation president of the company. The crystalline flower pattern of this series which is realized by a special technique spreads on the pottery with graceful hue. This “hanakessho” technique is now being applied to wall decorations too and its beauty is travelling across oceans opening up the possibility of Kyoto ware.


Flagship Products

Hanakessho cup and bowl


Tenmoku sake cup


"The Tale of Genji"
Tea pot and cup set

源氏物語 急須茶器

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