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“enku” is a brand for Japanese indigo dyed leather founded in 2013 by Mr. Kenichi Harada who is a Tokyo-based leather and dye craft artist. Japanese indigo dye is also called “Japan blue” and its beauty is attracting many fans overseas. However, dyeing leather with this plant is still uncommon because of the technical difficulties. Through repeated trial and error along with extensive studies on the materials, Mr. Harada finally was able to find his original process for dyeing. The products of “enku” are all handmade using natural dyes. The texture of the leather and hue which is vibrant yet deep at the same time, show the uniqueness of this brand. In addition, the simple and timeless design of the products meant for long-term use is also a key feature of this brand. For “enku”’s recent collection, Mr. Harada incorporated a Japanese traditional dyeing technique of “katazome” (a kind of resist dyeing) used for kimono fabric into his leather dyeing. With his insatiable appetite for challenges and new expressions, his brand captures customers’ hearts. The word “enku” means “link” and “sky” in Japanese which conjures an image of boundless expansion. Being true to its name, this brand keeps on evolving, to be loved without boundary and timelessly.


Flagship Products

Japanese Indigo


Japanese Indigo “Komon”


Japanese Indigo “Amata”


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