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Tokko Kiln Co., Ltd.


With the impressive look of a long and narrow workshop, Tokko Kiln, Co.,Ltd can be found along a river in Arita town. At the time of the establishment in 1865, the pottery had been producing mainly charcoal brazier and other large-sized porcelain. During the post war period, they focused on tableware for fine Japanese cuisine. Subsequently, by introducing a novel technique, they were the first to start producing high volumes of square-shaped porcelain in Arita area and actively developed the market of tableware for professional-use. Later, during the period of high economic growth (1960s), they produced tableware for celebratory occasions with elegant and colourful decoration by using transfer printing technique. With these different approaches to respond to different eras, the company has continued to grow. Currently, the fifth generation of the family, Mr. Hiroyuki Tokunaga serves as the president while his younger brother Mr. Eijiro Tokunaga is in charge of the production working as a turner of pottery. Having experienced pottery making in Kyoto, he produces earthenware which is unusual in Arita as the area produces mainly porcelain. Tokko Kiln is a company which maintains the tradition of transfer printing technique and at the same time progressive by extending its range of expression to earthenware or over glazed decoration. They participated in exhibitions overseas with other potteries from Arita and are working on the creation of the best tableware for different styles of cuisine, such as French and Italian, besides Japanese.


Flagship Products

Kinsai-Shonzui Coffee cup

金彩祥瑞 コーヒーカップ

Hanagasumi Small pot

花霞 手乗り小壺

Small plate Crane, Tortoise, Pine, Bamboo, and Plum

小付(鶴 亀 松 竹 梅)

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