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Izuru Seitou began with the opening of a kiln by Bizen ware artist, Mr. Izuru Yamamoto when he became independent from his father, Mr. Toshu Yamamoto who was a great master of pottery throwing. He had once aspired to be a sculptor and as a potter has established his own techniques such as “Syussai”- the usage of coloured clay and “Tsumiage”- creating forms by stacking up plate-like clay and thus revamping the image of Bizen ware. Currently, the task of expansion and exploration of new possibilities along with his free-minded spirit has been handed down to his sons, Shusaku and Ryosaku, and they began to produce Bizen ware for the new generation. The pottery that the brothers developed is made of clay from Bizen and mixed with pigments. Blue and yellow, the vibrant coloured clay has become the distinct characteristic of Izuru Seitou. Despite the difficulty of bringing out distinct colours from Bizen clay due to the high-level of iron contents, through their numerous trials they managed to find a way to obtain the colours consistently. In their workplace, a custom-made gas kiln that was designed to produce the natural texture of Bizen ware encourages their pursuit of producing pottery that fits the current lifestyle. Concurrently, the brothers still continue to hold exhibitions with their father giving due respect to their inheritance and upholding tradition.


Flagship Products

Stacking Cups


Incense burner “KOFU”

香炉 「古布」

Tsumiage Flower Vase -Union of the Universe-

出氏作品 -花器-

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