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Wajima city is located in the northern part of Noto peninsula. The lacquerware, Wajima-nuri produced in this area is made by a traditional manufacturing method of applying urushi-lacquer mixed with the powder of calcined diatomaceous earth called “jinoko” which is unique to the area. The products are known for its sturdiness and its elegant decoration of “chinkin” (gold-inlaid) and “maki-e” (painting with gold/silver powder). Established in 1888, Tohachiya has been running the business of “Nushiya” which means a vendor cum manufacturer of Wajima lacquerware. They had started selling their products by peddling around the country, but when Mr. Masahide Shioji’s father took over as head of the house (“oyakata”, master in Japanese) they began to focus on the production of custom-made lacquerware for professional-use. While maintaining the traditional method of manufacturing of Wajima-nuri which requires dozens of processes, they communicate closely with the customers to respond to their requests. Through excellent craftsmanship, Tohachiya earns the deep trust of their customers including Michelin starred restaurants. On another front, their flagship store offers lacquerware for general-use as well as accessories. Mrs. Shioji who is the planner of those items has been committed to the activities that encourages the daily use of lacquerware of Wajima by conveying its value. Hoping for the growth of Wajima-nuri, she has embarked on a new stage in developing it for the overseas market.


Flagship Products

Cloth-patterned Tray


“SakuNe" Wave-shaped Cup


Chopsticks “ Snowflake”


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