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Soejima Glassware Co., Ltd.


Soejima Glassware had their origin from within Saga clan research laboratory where a glass kiln was set up to produce glass in the middle of the 19th century in Saga Prefecture. However, production of the area had slowly declined. Founded in 1903, Soejima Glassware Co., Ltd. is the only workshop that inherited the techniques and the tradition of Saga glass. At the beginning, they had mainly produced practical items such as dispensing bottles and lamp shades, however, with the changing times, a wave of mechanization rolled onto the industry. It was during that period, that they shifted their business to production of craft products in order to preserve their hand-blown techniques which have been cultivated over the years. It was around 1970, after the current president took over the company that the products of Soejima Glassware came to be known as “Hizen Vidro”. This glass features free-blowing which is a glass forming style by exhaling air into a molten portion of glass without using any mould and their method is designated as an important intangible cultural heritage of Saga Prefecture. Among their Hizen Vidro products, classic “Chirori” (sake pot) and tumblers from their new series are strong sellers. Here, expressions of free form remain apart from mannerism.


Flagship Products

Indigo Chirori


Ginsai Sake Cup


Rainbow Drop-shaped Glass


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