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Maruyoshi Kosaka Co., Ltd.


The Kiso area in Nagano prefecture is one of the most popular summer resorts in Japan with beautiful forests and limpid streams. This…

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Omiya Co., Ltd.


Omiya Co., Ltd. was established in Kyoto in 1951. The company started out as a wholesale agent of white silk crepe and subsequently…

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Hida Sangyo Co.,Ltd.


Hida Sangyo was founded in 1920 in Hida Takayama an area in Gifu prefecture as a manufacturer of bentwood furniture. Bentwood is a…

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Kuroda Kobo Co., Ltd.

有限会社 黒田工房

In Japan, The Association for Conservation of National Treasures manages the conservation and repairs on works that are classified as national treasures, such…

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Riso Porcelain Ltd.

有限会社 李荘窯業所

Riso Porcelain was founded by Mr. Shinichi Terauchi who was the great-grandfather of the current president, Mr. Shinji Terauchi. The company was named…

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Haibara Co., Ltd.

株式会社 榛原

Haibara started its business in the Nihonbashi area of Tokyo as a retailer of papers, ink, and medicines in 1806. Among all the…

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Bizen city in Okayama prefecture is famous for its Bizen pottery. Bizen is one of the six old kilns of medieval Japan. In…

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Kokura Creation Inc.

有限会社 小倉クリエーション

Ms. Hideko Watanabe founded Nuno Anex in Kokura town of Kitakyushu in 1986. She started a business as a distributor of “NUNO”, a…

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La Luz Inc.

株式会社 ラ・ルース

Odawara City in Kanagawa Prefecture is well known for its wooden products along with the neighboring area of Hakone. La Luz, with their…

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Mizutori Industrial Co., Ltd.

株式会社 水鳥工業

In 1937, Mizutori started as a company which produces wooden base for Geta in Shizuoka Prefecture. Shizuoka had been the most famous area of Geta…

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Soekyu Seitosho Co., Ltd.

有限会社 副久製陶所

In 1953, Soekyu Seitosho was established in Yoshida, Ureshino city of Saga prefecture. They are one of Hizen-yoshida-ware which comprise of 14 potteries….

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Miyama Co., Ltd.

株式会社 深山

Mizunami City is located in the eastern part of Gifu Prefecture. The town with a population of 38,000 people is one of the…

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