Kouzou Ogawa / Daizoh Ogawa


We want to revive Bizen.

The Ogawa brothers, Daizoh and Kouzou, were born into a long historical lineage of potters. Their great-grandfather is none other than Konishi Toko – the famous first pottery producer in Bizen. As children, their playground was an old kiln site and a shrine made of Bizen ware. Subsequently, they went their separate ways. The older Mr. Daizoh Ogawa took up an engineering job in Osaka but the younger Mr. Kouzou Ogawa decided to take up pottery to succeed their father’s business. Daizoh had initially left the pottery business solely in the hands of his younger brother but eventually started to support products planning and sales promotion for the family business, all this while working as an engineer. Even though they live apart, they share the same heart for Bizen. Exchanging opinions between themselves, they worked hard on new initiatives. “We want Bizen to be like the lively city that we remembered as children. In order to do that, we need to create new opportunity for people to want to come back, hopefully through Bizen ware”. Two brothers, path overlapped, try to breathe new life into Bizen City.



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