Masaru Ikeya

池谷 賢

I want to promote the products that are produced by my colleague.

At the corner of the factory, Mr.Ikeya is talking to a customer on the phone. Contrary to his confident attitude when speaking briskly into the phone , he bashfully says, “Actually, I’m not good at sales”. Mr. Ikeya came to Tokyo after graduating from high school with an aspiration to be a chef. However, he could not continue to work due to personal reasons. After  marriage, he moved to Odawara which is the birthplace of his wife. He subsequently joined  La Luz as a sales person for OEM of wooden products. La Luz sales division is based in Daikanyama, Tokyo. However, Mr. lkeya is based in Odawara which makes him the only sales person in the factory. These days, he is focused on sales channel development and now his channel has expanded from company OEM to PR activity in major department stores. “Sometimes our customer’s requests are different with the factory’s situation but I get motivated because I want to promote the products which is produced by the colleague”. With confidence and a sparkle in his eyes, he truly knows his factory.



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