Yuki Kanamaru


I see an abundance of potential in this textile.

Ms. Kanamaru is from Sasebo City in Nagasaki prefecture. Growing up in Sasebo where a U.S. military base is located, she naturally developed an interest in overseas culture. After graduating from high school, she majored in English at the Koyo University of Foreign Studies. In 2006, she joined Omiya Co., Ltd., a wholesale company which specializes in kimono as she wanted to work in Kyoto. “At first, I had the impression that the kimono industry would be conservative,” she says. However, as she immersed herself into the actual world of kimono, she had noticed a lot of potentials in the techniques and the materials of kimono. The lively corporate culture of Omiya encouraged Ms. Kanamaru to get even more involved with her work. As a result, she started to take part in a new project of the company, “OMIYA CONNECT” and working together with her boss had launched an original brand that is focused on silk textile named “SANJIKU” in 2013. She is now in charge of development of overseas market by taking advantage of her language skill that she cultivated during her student days. As she has been taking care of the brand SANJIKU from the very beginning, she has a deep attachment to the textile. She says“ I see an abundance of potential in this textile”. The most rewarding moment in her work is when the textile, developed with the greatest care, finds its way to different products including fashion or interior goods and spreads its wings across international markets.


金丸さんは、長崎県佐世保市出身。佐世保市には米国基地があり、そうした環境から自然と海外へ興味を抱いていた。高校卒業後は、京都外国語大学で英語を専攻したが、「京都の会社で働きたい」と思い、2006年に着物の卸業を専門とする近江屋へ入社。当初は、「着物の世界は保守的なもの」と思っていたと話す。しかし、いざその世界に飛び込んでみると、着物の技術や素材などに多くの可能性が秘められていると気づいたという。近江屋の明るい社風にも後押しされ、仕事に没頭するようになった金丸さん。新しいプロジェクト「OMIYA CONNECT」の企画にも携わり、上司と二人三脚で、2013年にシルク生地のブランド「SANJIKU」を立ち上げた。現在は、学生時代に培った語学力を活かして海外の販路開拓も担っている。ブランド立ち上げ時からSANJIKUを担当してきたぶん、生地への思い入れも深い。「この生地には、たくさんの可能性が溢れているんです」。ファッション小物やインテリアなど、心を込めて育て上げた生地があらゆる製品となって羽ばたいて行くことが一番のやりがいとなっている。

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