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"Tradition and Modernity of Takaoka Copperware" - KISENDO/KISEN -

HULS Gallery Tokyo will hold an exhibition of two major brands “KISENDO” and “KISEN” of Yotsukawa Seisakusho Ltd. who are among the top copperware producers  in Takaoka city, Toyama prefecture.  Takaoka has over 400 years of tradition in making Buddha statues, buddhist altar items, incense burners, etc. In recent years, dynamic manufacturers in Takaoka using their well honed traditional techniques have been making tableware and items that is suitable for the modern day lifestyle and this bringing along new possibilities. In this exhibition, we will showcase traditional incense burners with their exquisite forms and details from KISENDO and sake ware of KISEN which connects tradition with our modern day lifestyle. Please come and visit us and do not miss this valuable opportunity to experience the exceptional works from KISENDO and KISEN here in Tokyo.

Date: 8th Feb(Sat) – 29th Feb(Sat) 2020 *Closed on Sundays and Public holidays
Time: 10am – 6 pm
Venue : HULS Gallery Tokyo
During the event, visitors to our gallery will be greeted with the relaxing aroma of incense.

– Yotsukawa Seisakusho  Ltd.

Established in 1946 at Takaoka city, Toyama prefecture, the birthplace of Takaoka Copperware. They design and sell various metalworks such as traditional incense burners, iron kettles, and sake ware in modern design. While maintaining traditional techniques of Takaoka Copperware as an expert of metal works, they have launched a new brand” KISEN” which is suitable for our modern lifestyle and have got  high evaluation overseas.



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