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“Tokoname ware – Soil and Sea” Exhibition of Seiji Ito, Jinshu Toen / Exhibition of BAN Project

“Tokoname ware – Soil and Sea” Exhibition of Seiji Ito, Jinshu Toen / Exhibition of BAN Project
25th November (Wed.) 2020 – 12th December (Sat.) 2020
10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. *Closed on Sundays and public holidays
Exhibition Venue: HULS Gallery Tokyo (Akasaka, Tokyo)

Seiji Ito has been making teapots called “kyusu” in Japanese for 50 years in Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture, where high-quality clay can be obtained, facing Ise Bay. The works created by his delicate potter’s wheel technique brings a beauty and comfort of nature into our everyday lives.

Ito’s works are also known for its good design. In this exhibition, we will exhibit and sell various handmade tea wares including a red clay teapot, which is said to mellow the taste of tea and has been used in Japan for a long time. Please enjoy your daily teatime with a tea set from Tokoname to pour tasty tea down to the last drop.

We will also introduce a new tableware produced by “BAN Project” that was established by Ito and other craftsmen to rediscover the potential of Tokoname ware.

Seiji Ito’s appearance at the gallery: 27th Nov. (Fri.) PM and 28th Nov. (Sat.) 2020
*For customers who come at the following times, Ito will give a lecture on how to make delicious tea.
(11:00AM~) / 2:00PM~ / 4:00PM~ *() is only on the 28th

Atsuhisa Hisada (BAN Project) ’s appearance at the gallery: 5th Dec. (Sat.) 2020
*The schedule is subject to change without notice.

An online event is scheduled to be held from 2:00 PM on the 5th December (Sat.) Details will be announced on the gallery website as soon as decided.

<Seiji ItoProfile>
1949 Born in Tokoname City, Aichi Prefecture
1970 Started pottery making
In addition to domestic activities, he has recently participated in tea party events in Taiwan. His activities overseas are expanding, such as winning the silver prize at the “1st World Ceramic Teapot Competition” held in Yixing, China.



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