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“The Beauty of Sensible Tableware” – Exhibition of Hideki Yamamoto, Kankosui-you

HULS Gallery Tokyo will hold an exhibition of works by Hideki Yamamoto, a ceramic artist in Takeo City, Saga Prefecture. 玄釉, also known as Deep Black Glaze, is originally created by Mr. Yamamoto over a long period of trial and error. His signature deep black glaze that appears almost like metal after firing allows one to feel the texture of the soil. Fundamentally inspired by nature, his vessels display the aesthetics of subtraction, and they are well received by chefs in Japan and from all around the world. In this exhibition, we will showcase a few series of his works such as plates, bowls, vases, and art pieces that are available for purchase. We hope you will enjoy the unique world of 玄/black.


“The Beauty of Sensible Tableware” An Exhibition of Hideki Yamamoto, Kankosui-you
Date: 1st July (Thu) – 21st July (Wed) 2021, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
*Closed on Sunday and public holiday
Dialogue with Artist: 2nd July (Fri)
*Please note that the event is subject to change or cancellation depending on the situation of COVID-19. Please check the gallery website for the latest information.


< Hideki Yamamoto Profile >
A ceramic artist living in Takeo, Saga Prefecture. He is working from his own atelier in nature-rich surroundings. His kiln, namely “閑古錐 / Kankosui” means an old gimlet that has a rounded tip that can no longer be sharpened or used, and also has a meaning of a true practitioner in Zen. It was named with the desire to pursue a mature charm that dwells in the gimlet that has been used over and over again.

1965 Born in Imari, Saga Prefecture, Japan
1983 Graduated from Saga Prefectural Arita Technical Senior High School, Ceramic course, After training in his family kiln named Hojugama, started learning under Mr. Shiro Banura
1995 Opened his own kiln in Takeo, Saga Prefecture, Mainly focused on solo exhibitions
2000 Mainly produce works for professional use, such as restaurants and hotels
2007 First overseas solo exhibition was held in Los Angeles, US




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