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Marcos Da Paz Brum

Brazil・Rio de janeiro

I am being tested every day.

Mr. Marcos is from Brazil. From a young age he had interests in and longings for the Japanese culture. His connection with Japan started when he met with a teacher of swordsmanship in Brazil. Soon after, he married a Japanese girl whom he met while learning swordsmanship. Subsequently they have a child and moved to Shizuoka Prefecture in 2012. This is how he ended up in Mizutori. He is sincere and has a sense of responsibility. He was appointed to a position to produce of geta soon after joining the company. The feature of Mizutori’s geta is that the sandal strap is designed to fit the left and right foot just like shoes and unlike traditional geta that does not differentiate left from right. He is currently in charge of making this sandal strap. He says, “In swordsmanship, I feel I am being tried every day. Handwork is almost the same”. While he hones his craft as an artisan, he has a desire to expand Mizutori’s geta to overseas. The challenge of Mr. Marcos is just beginning. One step at a time, he connects to the world with Mizutori’s geta.