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Tomomi Kawazu

Riso Porcelain
Oita Prefecture
Riso Porcelain

The more new techniques I learn, the more I can feel my growth.

Ms. Kawazu is from Oita Prefecture. After majoring in product design in Osaka University of Arts, she went to “Arita College of Ceramics”. She joined Riso Porcelain in 2016 by way of a part-timer for 2 years. Arita is a famous area for ceramics, but only a few companies utilize new techniques like 3D design. She was attracted to Riso Porcelain which is always trying new things including 3D design. In Arita, women are usually engaged in painting works, but Ms. Kawazu with her personal experiences in product design, prefers to use the potter’s wheel. Currently she is in charge of 3D design and the potter’s wheel molding. She says “The more new techniques I learn, the more I can feel my growth”. She puts her hand on the potter’s wheel and sharpens her spirit calmly. What she wants to produce is ceramic as a “product” which can be used by people and has longevity and not an art piece. Ms. Kawazu forms the porcelain beautifully with an intense focus and a lot of heart.