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KORAI Exhibition in DESIGNART TOKYO 2018

Japanese crafts brand “KORAI” exhibited for the first time at DESIGNART TOKYO 2018 from 19 Oct to 28 Oct 2018. We had the installation of “Sense of Nature” at Spiral in Omotesando, which focused on “Hydrangea – Water Vessel”, an art piece from the KORAI collection. The space was designed by Kazunori Matsumura who had designed numerous installations in the past. Through our exhibition we were able to express harmony with nature.

DESIGNART TOKYO 2018 「Sense of Nature」
Period:19 Oct (Fri) – 28 Oct (Sun) 2018
Venue:MINA-TO (Spiral 1st Floor)

DESIGNART Exhibition information

KORAI “Hydrangea – Water Vessel”

<About KORAI>
Based on the concept of “coolness in summer”, “KORAI” works with various crafts manufacturers from the different regions in Japan to express the harmony that exists between “inside and outside” or “nature and home” which prevails in the Japanese culture. It is a brand of Japanese craft which conveys a cool and relaxing time though craft products. In Japan, there is a culture of integrating “coolness” from nature, and it becomes an opportunity to bring comfort to the mind and body of people who live in restless cities. “KORAI” delivers a cool and relaxing time to city life throughout the world based on the concept of “coolness”.