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A new way for Kogei
beyond the seas

To make things.
To put the heart into it.

In Japan, there is a word called “Kogei” which means Japanese crafts.
By making things ceaselessly, our culture has been growing beautifully.

There are things that remain unchanged beyond the seas.
There are also things that will be reborn beyond the seas.

Either way the future awaits.

We create a new way for Kogei beyond the seas.

This is our mission.


We convey the current stage of Japanese crafts

KOGEI STANDARD is an online media platform dedicated to introducing the current stage of Japanese crafts to the world.

Japanese crafts reflects the natural features of an area and the disposition of the people living there and their creation of unique beauty which are in harmony with nature.

To learn about crafts is also to connect with the feelings of the craftspeople and to bring back the universal beauty throughout the eras.

We believe that such feelings will raise important awareness for the future society and we will pass Japanese crafts to the world.


Believing in the possibilities of Japanese crafts, we have three things we want to realize:

  • Improvement of the international value of Japanese crafts

    Reflecting on the roots of the crafts and the charm of the craftspeople, we will contribute to improve the international value of Japanese crafts.

  • Transmission of the beauty that goes beyond era and countries.

    We will pursue the timeless beauty that crafts create and transmit it to the world.

  • Realization of a cultural life

    We will contribute to the realization of a peaceful and cultural life by sharing the affection for nature and things.