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Started in 2019 as an art festival that promotes the charm of “Kutani ware,” a traditional craft from Komatsu and Nomi in Ishikawa Prefecture, “KUTANism” returns this year with the theme “Tracing the Colors of Kutani.” The program focuses on the distinctive use of vibrant color schemes, a characteristic feature of Kutani ware. By touring the places introduced with KUTANism guidebook in hand, visit...

In Japan, there is a word “縁” (en), which is used to describe not only connections between people but also the ties and relationships among various aspects of life. It is a word deeply rooted in Eastern philosophy and thinking.The concept of en is derived from the Buddhist term “縁起” (engi), which is an abbreviation of “因縁生起” (innen shoki). Engi signifies the ide...


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