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The LOEWE FOUNDATION Craft Prize, launched in 2016 by LOEWE Creative Director Jonathan Anderson, is an international annual award that recognizes the importance of craft in today’s culture and honors working artisans whose talent, vision and innovation set standards for the future. This year, the LOEWE FOUNDATION announced the 30 finalists for the seventh edition of the Craft Prize. The finalists’...

Maruhiro Inc. has released the “Enceladus Sobachoko” under its own brand “BARBAR” on March 22, 2024. Maruhiro is a ceramic manufacturer that produces tableware and interior items of Hasami ware, a traditional craft of Nagasaki Prefecture. Hasami ware is manufactured under a division of labor, with each production process being operated by different companies. Maruhiro acts as a producer that reque...


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