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Bizen, Okayama Prefecture
715, Inbe, Bizen-city, Okayama, 705-0001, JAPAN
Hiroko Ogawa


Bizen City in Okayama Prefecture is famous for its pottery and is regarded as one of the six ancient kilns of medieval Japan. In 1972, Mr. Hidetoshi Ogawa built his own kiln in this city. His second son, Mr. Kouzou Ogawa is the successor to his father and together they are continuing to produce stoneware. In 2011, the eldest son Mr. Daizou Ogawa, set up DAIKURA to support planning and sales and to introduce Ogawa family’s products to more people. Bizen ware has a simple unglazed look and is made by a combination of good quality Bizen clay and fire. The Ogawa family has maintained the traditional and natural ways of manually making the wares all the way to kiln firing.

The clay in Bizen has good breathability because of its micropores. Stoneware like vases and water jars made from Bizen clay are able to maintain the quality of water for a longer period. One of the traditional and unique patterns in Bizen ware is called “hidasuki” which is straw markings left behind on the wares after being fired in the kiln. Other interesting effects that occur naturally depending on the conditions inside the kiln has been fascinating people since ancient times. DAIKURA has faithfully kept to the traditional techniques and continues to make rustic and tasteful wares using natural firewood as fuel for the kiln and pursuing the natural expression yielded from soil and fire.

DAIKURA is also creating new styles while respecting the traditions of Bizen. In 2016, they introduced “hiiro” a water carafe which has a beautiful contemporary aesthetics. Exhibiting at “Ambiente” an international consumer goods trade fair which takes place annually in Germany, this emerging new style has attracted attention both domestically and internationally.