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Editor's Note "Interview with Noriko Tsuiki"

To celebrate the renewal of KOGEI STANDARD, I had an interview with Ms. Noriko Tsuiki, a textile artist of Kokura-ori.

I met with Ms. Tsuiki in 2015. It started from the encounter with the textile brand “KOKURA SHIMA SHIMA”, which Ms. Tsuiki herself is the creative director. I first encountered the beautiful vertical stripe fabric in “Interior Lifestyle”, an international trade fair that was held in Tokyo. Subsequently, I visited Kokura and I met with Ms. Tsuiki there.

When I first talked with Ms. Tsuiki, I introduced the concept of “KOGEI STANDARD” to her. I remember vividly that she said “I’m glad that you use the word KOGEI for the title.” Ms. Tsuiki also belongs to the Japanese arts club and continues to embody “KOGEI” deeply through her own artistic activities. Therefore it was important for me that Ms. Tsuiki said so. The feelings still lingers in my heart as I write the texts for KOGEI STANDARD.

I always felt from Ms. Tsuiki works the strength of ones “will”. Of course, the original design and beautiful color threads are among the charm points, but I believe that the root of an artist ’s activity is the attitude that pushes forward to seek the beauty ahead. Is there beauty that has never been seen before? This desire is Ms. Tsuiki’s utmost fascination.

In the interview, Ms. Tsuiki mentioned that she was attracted by the black turban she saw in a movie, and traveled to Africa. It was an amazing story that fascinated me.

“KOGEI STANDARD” was reborn under the concept “A new way for Kogei beyond the seas”. I think it is very meaningful to interview with Ms. Tsuiki, a craft artist who was the first to empathize with the name of this site and it is a wonderful story well suited for this new step that we are taking.

Text: Yusuke Shibata / Photo: Takuma Suda



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