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KOGEI STANDARD has been renewed

HULS Inc. which specializes in the global business of Japanese crafts based in Tokyo and Singapore has completely renewed “KOGEI STANDARD” on 1st March, 2019. “KOGEI STANDARD” is a cultural online media that was established in 2016 to disseminate Japanese crafts overseas, and has been introducing crafts manufacturers from around the country over the past three years. Based on the concept of “A new way for Kogei beyond the seas”, we have renewed the design and contents.


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– A bilingual cultural media
In KOGEI STANDARD, all information on the website is compatible with both Japanese and English languages, with the aim of disseminating good quality information of Japanese crafts in Japan and overseas from a unique viewpoint of HULS which runs a Japanese crafts gallery in Singapore. We select good-quality craftspeople from the traditional Japanese craft industry such as ceramics, lacquerware, textile, glass, woodworking and more, who wish to expand overseas. Through this new website, we aim to be a bridge for people from all over the world who have a deep interest in the Japanese culture.