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Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Co., Ltd.
5-3-9 Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0001
Masahiko Kusagaya
Kazuhisa Kusagaya


Brooklyn Co., Ltd. was established in 1979 in Sendagaya, Tokyo by Mr. Kazuhisa Kusagaya who is the father of the current president, Mr. Masahiko Kusagaya. They started their business in the wholesale of socks which developed into planning and production of fashion accessories. At that time, their major clients were a number of new multi-brand shops, which were trend setters. Together with the growth of these shops, Brooklyn increased their presence in the fashion industry. Before long, they launched their house brand, “Brooklyn Museum” which specializes in leather goods. By offering leather items in vivid colors, the brand brought a fresh perspective to retail spaces in department stores where blacks and browns were the predominant colors at that time. In 2002, they opened their own shop in Aoyama and it became a gathering place to convey the creation of Brooklyn’s commitment to craftsmanship.

Brooklyn cares very much about leather. One of their main material is the one hundred percent Japanese leather called “Yamato”, which they specially developed with Kaname Co. Ltd., a tannery in the traditional downtown area. Persimmon juice dyed leather which is characterized by its unique brown color and wood-like patterns achieved by repeated brushing on its surface is also another leather made by skilled artisans which they are proud of. Brooklyn’s products develop a nice patina after long periods of use and the attention to details like the different contrast stitching on the front and back of the leather are not overlooked.

Almost at the same time of opening their flagship store, they also participated in MIPEL, an international exhibition for leather goods in Italy. They were the first brand from Japan to participate in the exhibition and they were praised for their high-quality products with remarkable variations of colors. Currently, they are expanding their business from small leather goods and bags to lifestyle goods such as wine bags. Being a leather craftsman, Mr. Masahiko Kusagaya takes custom-made orders and has recently ventured overseas, holding his first trunk show in Singapore in 2018. Brooklyn would like to share about Japanese craftsmanship with the world with a mission to propose long lasting leather products which will grow to be the owner’s favorite.