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Oda Pottery

Oda Pottery Co., Ltd.
MIzunami, GIfu Prefecture
2-100 Nishioda-cho, Mizunami-city, Gifu, 509-6114, JAPAN
Yasuhiro Tadokoro


Mizunami City in Gifu Prefecture is a part of the production region of Mino ware along with Tajimi City and Toki City. This region is renowned as the largest producers of ceramics in Japan. Oda Pottery was established in 1921 in Mizunami City and has a large manufacturing facility. They deal mainly in OEM business for Japanese-style tableware. With their high production capacity provided by the automatic molding machines and thorough quality control which are the company’s strong points, they have been consistently suppling tableware for professional use, such as for hotels and restaurants and also providing base ceramics (plain unfinished ceramics) for other painting manufacturers throughout Japan. The main raw materials used for the production of porcelain comes from neighboring areas which become the basic white porcelain dish which is better known as “white canvas”. Since the late 90’s, they have undertaken the development of their original brands, which took advantage of the characteristic of these raw materials.

The strength of Oda Pottery is their mass production capabilities using roller machines and pressure casting which is complimented by the indispensable fine adjustments by skilled craftsmen with many years of experience. In recent years, they have expanded beyond making base ceramics and have gone into transfer printing using silicone pads and developing various new glazing expressions.

In 2015, Oda Pottery received the Good Design Award, with their own product “Frill”, a series of cups and bowls made with thin, transparent white porcelain which created patterns and shadows when light is diffused through the porcelain body. The design was even used to make lamp shades. In 2017, they participated in “SEBASTIAN CONRAN GIFU COLLECTION” which was an international project sponsored by Gifu Prefecture and they collaborated with Mr. Sebastian Conran, a world-renowned designer. Besides these efforts, Oda Pottery is opening possibilities of expression in a mass-production system.