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Yukitada Hamano

鱧野 行忠
Gifu Prefecture
Aichi Prefecture

I want to progress in order to pass on the role to the future.

Born in Aichi Prefecture, Mr. Hamono had moved to Mizunami City in Gifu Prefecture, a production area of ceramics in 2015 after his marriage, as it was his wife’s hometown. Soon after, he joined Oda Pottery Co., Ltd. Even though he did not have any experience in ceramic manufacturing, he believed that the work environment where people concentrate on their work silently would suit his personality. He is now working in the modeling section of the factory and is in charge of the setting of the automatic molding machine before it is wheeled to the start of production. Lifting a heavy roller weighing more than 30 kg, he fits it to the machine while adjusting it to the correct angle of the mold in which the clay is inserted. This work requires a lot of energy both physically and mentally as even one little mismatch will cause a large amount of defective products. Nevertheless, Mr. Hamono works hard everyday to improve his skill. He is encouraged by the working attitude of his seniors who have an abundance of experience and knowledge in the job. He says “ I want to become a full-fledged worker as soon as possible so that I can lead a new trainee who joins this department in the future”. It is this sincere heart that fuels his progress.



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