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Koji Orii

折井 宏司
Toyama Prefecture
Toyama Prefecture
Manager and Artisan

Pursuing the “coolness” in kogei

Mr. Koji Orii is the founder of “Momentum Factory Orii, Co.,Ltd.”, which deals with a wide range of coloring of Takaoka copperware. Born and raised in Takoka City in Toyama Prefecture, he is the third generation of a long-established “Orii-chakushokujyo (coloring factory). After graduating from university, he worked hard and had a fulfilling career in an IT company in Tokyo. However, he decided to take over the family business at the age of 26 years old and returned to his hometown. At that time, in the mid 1990s, the traditional kogei industry fell into a decline because of the burst of the bubble economy. Mr. Orii says that the traditional Takaoka copperware did not catch his interest. He was always looking to make products that he would consider as “cool”. Intend on creating something new, Mr. Orii went through many processes of trial and error by combining traditional techniques and new ways that he found and he finally succeeded in developing a technique for coloring rolled copper plates. Subsequently, their reputation in the interior design and building materials field began to spread which helped in the recovery of their company. Currently, he is aiming to break into the fashion market. “Make traditional kogei cool”. The conviction of Mr. Orii resulted in the growing number of young employees in the company. Looking forward to the challenges ahead, he endeavors to make plugged-in products so that the young, who will be responsible for the next age, will be attracted to the profession in kogei. The future of Takaoka copperware that he opens up will surely be appreciated by the next generations.



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