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Seiji Ito

伊藤 成二
Aichi Prefecture
Aichi Prefecture

I want to make a teapot that is blended into our daily life

Mr. Seiji Ito, a teapot artisan in Tokoname, entered the world of pottery at the age of 20 and initially was engaged mainly in making teacups. When the growth momentum of the high economic growth period began to slow down, he steered towards the production and sales of teapots which has a higher added value and more difficult to create compared with teacups. “A teapot in the world of tea is like the leading actor in the world of play and it has been my desire to deal with it someday”, Mr. Ito said. Over the past 40 years, he has continued to make a variety of quality teapots that combines design and functionality while seeking new challenges such as participating in tea ceremony events in Taiwan. It is his dream to work with the younger generation who aspire towards crafts and to share knowledge and skills with each other. As an artisan who cherishes his craft, he has always wanted to produce a user-friendly teapot which fits naturally in the hand and blends seamlessly in our daily life. He smiled gently and said, “I want to enjoy tea and hope everyone does the same, that is all”.



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