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Masahide Shioji

塩士 正英
Ishikawa Prefecture
Ishikawa Prefecture

I get a sense of fulfilment every day

Mr. Masahide Shioji is the third head of the family of “Tohachiya” which is a manufacturer and vendor of Wajima lacquerware, called “Nushiya” in the region. After graduating from university, he began his apprenticeship to take over the family business and gradually he became devoted to the works of artisans. However, his father told him to do works related to being a merchant, not an artisan as he was concerned because the customary role of the head of “Nushiya” in Wajima was in sales and product planning of lacquerware, and actual process of manufacturing should be entrusted to the artisans. Nevertheless, contrary to his father’s intention, Mr. Shioji continued to practice his craft while staying in Tokyo for half of the month to engage in sales tasks. Till today he still visits his customers such as Japanese style fine restaurants to take orders of lacquerware for professional-use and for every order, he takes care of the finishing process of painting called “Uwa-nuri” (top coating) with his own hands. The most important thing in his work is to listen to the voice of people who use the actual products on site. With that belief, Mr. Shioji has been working for many years to make the strongest lacquerware in Japan. “Through my work I think about my customers and with that I get a sense of fulfillment every day. I would be grateful if the sturdiness of our products is recognized as a Tohachiya brand, beyond the general evaluation as a Wajima-nuri.” says Mr. Shioji. The uncompromising quality of his products provide a beautiful background which flatters food.



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