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Kosuke Fujimoto

藤本 浩輔
Saga Prefecture
Saga Prefecture
Manager and Artisan

One indelible memory of my childhood was the existence of a porcelain with a pale blue glaze

Mr. Kosuke Fujimoto was born as the eldest son in the family of Fujimaki Seitou Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of Arita ware. After graduating from university, he began his apprenticeship in pottery manufacturing in Kyoto. Subsequently, he returned to Arita and started his career as a ceramic artist. During the 4 years of his activity as an artist, he held solo exhibitions in Tokyo and that experience gave him a great opportunity to learn about the processes from production to sales. Such an independent career was unique in Arita and he attracted attention which led to his participation as one of the makers of “1616/” which is a brand of Arita ware. Through the various overseas promotions of the brand, he was exposed to many different designs from around the world and it stimulated his thinking. Additionally, the experience to face the tasks that was requested by designers put him on the path to start product planning. Mr. Fujimoto says, “One indelible memory of my childhood was the existence of a porcelain with a pale blue glaze which takes on an ice cool appearance even when it is just taken out from the kiln. Kids cannot help but touch it and they got burnt. I was one of them”. And this is his pursuit, to make porcelain that has a pale blue that is clear and refreshing. The fresh blue porcelain born from this place with it various forms will continue into the future.



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