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Fujimaki Seitou

Fujimaki Seitou Co., Ltd.
Arita, Saga Prefecture
1804, Hokaoyamahei, Arita-cho, Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga, 844-0025
Kosuke Fujimoto
Sanemon Fujimoto


Fujimaki Seitou Co., Ltd. was founded in 1775 in Arita. The pottery is known for its beautiful clear pale blue glaze which originated in Jingdezhen, China in the 11th century. As one of the 17 kilns that was established by the Nabeshima clan, they had produced the Sometsuke-style plates and pots during the Edo period. Subsequently, they started the production of their porcelain with pale blue glaze during the ninth generation of the family which was headed by Mr. Kakushi Fujimoto. It was during the period of high economic growth where there was a shortage of painting artisans that he developed the pale blue glaze to differentiate his products from the other manufacturers. Porcelain with pale blue glaze was limited in Japan thus it was considered a rare technique. Since then, they have been making porcelain using fresh colors and without any painted decoration, utilizing their pale blue glaze and crystalline glaze besides white porcelain.

The tableware with the pale blue shading is created by making a “tamari” or a pool of glaze on a white porcelain base. The refreshing color is popular in summer among Japanese-style restaurants. The clear blue color has a glasslike appearance and is appealing to the eye. As the pale blue glaze is thicker than the usual glaze, the base porcelain where the pooling occur has to be made thinner to avoid unevenness during firing. In addition, the thicker glazed surface may be prone to cracking thus highly skilled techniques are required for production.

The unique glazing technique which was fostered by the development of the pale blue glaze as well as the individual shapes which brings out the beauty of pale colors make this type of pottery special. Making use of their unique technique, the tenth-generation president, Mr. Kosuke Fujimoto is working on a project for the Arita ware brand- “1616/” which suits the modern lifestyle, collaborating with designers from Japan and overseas. Responding to the challenges posed by their high demands, Mr. Fujimoto dutifully says, “I am a craftsman”. Fujimaki Seitou Co., Ltd. does not apply any painted decoration on their porcelain. Instead they focus on refinement of the glaze and the shapes of their products, seeking an expression and style that is uniquely their own.