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Shuji Hataishi

畑石 修嗣
Saga Prefecture
Saga Prefecture
Artisan and Artist

Shaping the next generation's traditions with a new perspective

Shuji Hataishi represents the fifth generation of the Imari Nabeshima ware company, Hataman Touen, and an active artist. As the eldest of three siblings, he was born and raised in Imari Okawachiyama in Saga Prefecture. He studied at the University of Art and Design in Tokyo (Tokyo Zokei University), majoring in sculpture. He loved to work with a pitch black stone called kuro-mikage (black granite), and put great effort and experimentation into the visual presentation of his works. After returning to his hometown, he devoted himself completely to mastering pottery, working late into the night for days on end to hone his skills.

The roots of Shuji’s thinking lie in his reverence for Nabeshima ware, a prestigious and high quality style of Japanese porcelain famous for the intricacy of its paintwork. In 2019 he entered into a groundbreaking collaboration with a skateboarding brand with the goal of introducing the beautiful aesthetic of the exquisite painting techniques he had inherited to a broader range of people. Shuji says “It’s interesting to see how a change of perspective can give traditional styles a new fresh and fashionable sense. I am hoping we can succeed on that originality.”

With his flexible thinking and rich sensibility as his strength and his dedication to keep moving forward whatever it takes, Shuji is sure to be a leader in the next stage in the beautiful journey of expression that is Imari Nabeshima porcelain.



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