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Motomasa & Susumu Yotsukawa

四津川 元将・晋
1984 / 2003
Toyama Prefecture
Toyama Prefecture
1962 / 1966
Management / Brand Producing

Two brothers working hand-in-hand to open up their region’s future

Brothers Motomasa and Susumu Yotsukawa are the president and senior managing director, respectively, of Yotsukawa Seishakusho, a company engaged in product design and sales of Takaoka copperware. Motomasa joined the company shortly after graduating from university. Susumu rediscovered the appeal of his family business and its craftsmanship after working in the United States for another company, and returned to his hometown in 2003 to launch the new brand “KISEN” with Motomasa. Today the brothers work together, with Motomasa taking the lead on long-established brand “Kisendo” and Susumu on “KISEN.”

It’s not hard to see how both businesses, the new and the established, are united in protecting and nurturing the craftsmen of the region. Motomasa says “With the platform of Takaoka copperware, we can strive to accomplish a number of things. We would like to be a company that can give back to our community as much as possible.” For Motomasa, Susumu is a great part of what makes the company successful in that effort. “It is Susumu’s dedication to craftsmanship that enables me to think about what we should be doing as a company and as a production center. And that’s how the company gets better,” says Motomasa.

Just as we appreciate others, we make things that are appreciated by others. The brothers, strengthened by their trust in each other, continue to give their best and work together in unison to achieve their goals.



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