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Yoshihiro Hoshino

星野 昌弘
General Manager

Paper will never cease.

Mr. Hoshino has been working in Haibara of Nihonbashi area for more than half a century. He joined the company as a part timer at the age of 19 years old. During his apprenticeship, Mr. Hoshino worked under a manager called “Banto” who was very much older than him. Banto was rather stern but he did bring him out to have fun after work, recalled Mr. Hoshino fondly. His first job was as a delivery boy bringing paper products to Japanese restaurants as well as to the homes of a long line of prime ministers. Through his work, he learned about the production process and different types of paper. As time went by, Mr. Hoshino became a manager and progressing to the position of a general manager. From the years of uncertainties after the war, through the years of bubble economy, as times changes and the demands and application of paper has changed, Mr. Hoshino feels that the paper will always be needed. “Paper can hand down history to the next generation and it is closely related to the culture of its time. No matter how the world changes, paper will never cease”. Mr. Hoshino is handing down to the modern era the preciousness of paper.



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