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"SGHR NEW DESIGN PREVIEW 2022" – Sugahara Announces New Products for 2022

“bulle vase”

Since its establishment, Sugahara Glassworks has been committed to handcrafted glass making and has been producing products that fit within the daily lives of users. Sugahara’s products are designed and developed by experienced craftsmen who have devoted themselves to sincerely dealing with the characteristics and unique charms of glass, and are constantly refining their skills at the company’s studio in Kujukuri, Chiba Prefecture. This year, 17 new products will be introduced, ranging from tableware for daily use to vases for interior decoration.

One trend this time around is recycled glass added as a regular item alongside all the other products in the lineup. The initiative, which began in 2020 as “Sghr Recycle,” reuses previously discarded glass scraps and features a different color for each production. It has drawn a lot of attention since its launch, and many recycled colors were selected this year.

The uniquely designed “capnkop” capped glass is also now available in recycled colors within the four-color lineup. In addition to beverages, this product can be used as a small container for snacks or other small items or as a tea canister, and having a lid makes it suitable for a wide range of situations such as at the bedside or at a desk.

The “kirameki” (“sparkle”) series was made with the hope that people would enjoy the glass not only through the senses of taste and smell, but through all five senses, such as the light passing through the glass, the sound of glass and ice touching, and the weight of the glass in one’s hand. The collection, which is popular overseas as well for its beautifully detailed cut surfaces, now comes in a long-awaited larger size.



The “limpid” has a beautiful geometric look of ice, and the unevenness and lines bring in light to enhance the appearance of what is on the plate. The cut is made on the bottom, and the surface is smooth and easy to use. It is available in two colors, clear and indigo, and five different sizes.

The recommended vase is the “bulle vase.” The bottle-like shape is made by free-blowing and comes in three colors: indigo, violet, and forest green. The colors inside the glass and the bubbles reflect off the glass, making it a delightful vase to match the color of single flowers.

The collection, with its simple but distinctive cylindrical form tilted “TENTENTEN”, is designed by Nicolas Gwenael, a globally-known French designer based in Tokyo. The collection, with its simple but distinctive cylindrical form tilted at a 70-degree angle, embodies the designer’s philosophy of “building a visual and emotional communion and dialogue between people and objects.”



In addition to the products featured here, a wide variety of other designs will also be introduced. On the occasion of the new product launch, “SGHR NEW DESIGN PREVIEW 2022,” will be held from March 4 to March 31, 2022 at all Sugahara stores. During this period there will also be a variety of online events. This will be a great opportunity to experience the new and exciting appeal of glass.



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