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“SGHR NEW DESIGN PREVIEW 2024” Sugahara Released New Designs


Artisans who work with glass every day have created new designs, striving to enhance the beauty of glass. These new creations, designed to seamlessly blend into daily life and add a touch of color, have resulted in the birth of 17 series this year.

“Hasande hasande” is available in two plate sizes and a small bowl, featuring a beautiful design created by the unevenness of the surface that plays with light and shadow. Using a tool similar to flat-tipped tongs to gradually spread the glass creates a unique expression with uneven thickness.

“Mork,” meaning “forest” in Icelandic, is a vessel molded by winding glass and sprinkling powdered glass on top, creating depth through overlapping glass and contrasting gloss and matte textures. Its pattern evokes the profound scenery of nature, such as the forests of northern countries.

“Charco” is designed with the image of a puddle. It is characterized by the curved rims and bottom. This shape is achieved by intermittently blowing air into the mold rather than spinning the glass while blowing, offering a glass that changes mouthfeel due to the curved rim.

“Coconisotte” is a functional bowl with a compact size and a low height for easy scooping of food. It has a small foot and can be stacked. The shinogi technique used in ceramics is expressed in glass, achieving depth and the lightness through careful adjustment.

“Turbo” is a flower vase with a shape resembling an updraft from the ground to the clouds. The glass is first molded with a pattern on its surface, then removed from the mold and twisted while air is blown little by little, completing the spiral design. It has a great presence that complements gorgeous bouquets and woody flowers.

“Morbi” features opaque colored glass softly floating in transparent glass. In addition to white, new colors such as mocha and opal blue gray have been added to Sugahara’s color lineup. The flower vase, with a narrow mouth and taller height, has a shape born from customer feedback and is aesthetically pleasing even when displayed as is.

In addition to the products mentioned, many other designs that convey the artisans’ thoughts have been released. We recommend experiencing the charm of glass by exploring the episodes and stories behind the development of the new products featured on the special website.


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