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New Release from Hasami Ware Brand “BARBAR”: “Enceladus Sobachoko”

Maruhiro Inc. has released the “Enceladus Sobachoko” under its own brand “BARBAR” on March 22, 2024. Maruhiro is a ceramic manufacturer that produces tableware and interior items of Hasami ware, a traditional craft of Nagasaki Prefecture. Hasami ware is manufactured under a division of labor, with each production process being operated by different companies. Maruhiro acts as a producer that requests craftsmen in each process to create products designed in-house, as well as a trading company that distributes the finished products. “BARBAR” develops many products based on the techniques developed at manufacturing sites, offering timeless charm that transcends eras, and ideas that are free and unconstrained.

The latest release is the sobachoko, which features a unique color and texture derived from natural resources, and is inspired by the moon of Saturn shrouded in mystery, “Enceladus.” Enceladus is a moon orbiting Saturn, appearing bluish-white like an ice block, with an underground ocean, and it is said to have the potential for life to exist. The product is available in four colors. The design of “Crater” is inspired by the marks left by small celestial bodies colliding, using a glaze mixed with iron sludge, typically treated as industrial waste. Iron sludge is generated in the process of soaking porcelain stones in hydrochloric acid to remove iron content to obtain whiter stones. The production takes place at Koushun-gama Kiln in Hasami, where the iron sludge undergoes special treatment to completely remove hydrochloric acid before reused as a material for pottery. “Plume” is inspired by the water vapor and particles erupting from the cracks on the surface of Enceladus, known as “plume (geyser).” The “Icy Ocean” expresses the “ice and underground ocean” of Enceladus, which hides an underground ocean beneath its ice-covered surface. The exterior is coated with two layers of paint and then textured with a compressor to create uneven surface, and finished with meticulous handwork. “Time” uses a glaze that evokes time drifting in the pitch black universe. “Plume,” “Icy Ocean,” and “Time” use glazes from Kanezen Porcelain Manufacturing in Arita, Saga Prefecture.

Sobachoko is a small bowl that has been cherished since the Edo period. Its compact size fits comfortably in our hands, making it easy to use. This product is versatile, serving as a cup for coffee, tea and sake, as well as a small bowl for desserts and snacks, or even as a container for accessories. It is microwave and dishwasher safe. We recommend collecting all four colors for daily use.


◾️Product information
Product name: Enceladus Sobachoko
Color: Crater, Plume, Icy Ocean, Time
Size: φ80×H61mm (170cc)
Production area: Hasami, Nagasaki Prefecture
                           Arita, Saga Prefecture
Material: Porcelain

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