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The Publication of “Discover, Acquire, Enjoy – The Appreciation of Sake Ware”: An Additional Issue of the Quarterly Journal “Honoho Geijutsu” or “The Art of Fire”

Discover, Acquire, Enjoy – The Appreciation of Sake Ware has been published on 1st April 2022. It is a special issue of the quarterly journal Honoho Geijutsu or The Art of Fire. The journal was first published in 1982 and mainly introduces contemporary Japanese ceramic art culture. This latest issue presents modern sake ware made by various ceramic artists along with a few interesting articles that discussed how we can enjoy using them.

This journal is worth reading for the professional commentaries based on a deep understanding of each work, as well as the beautiful documentation of high quality printed photographs. As a journal specializing in ceramic art, it has been well received by artists, collectors, and art critics.


■ List of artists published in Discover, Acquire, Enjoy – The Appreciation of Sake Ware

– Contemporary young artists and living national treasures:

Ryotaro Kato, Toru Ichikawa, Tubusa Kato, Makoto Yamaguchi, Yu Nishioka, Hideki Yanashita, Katsunori Sawa, Moriyasu Kimura, Syo Fujita, Jun Isezaki, Takashi Nakazato, Yo Tanimoto, Taki Nakazato, Shogo Ikeda, Shu Suzuki, Imaemon Imaizumi XIV, Kakiemon Sakaida XV, Machiko Ogawa, Takeshi Imaizumi and more

– Deceased artists who have strong popularity:

Rosanjin Kitaoji, Mineo Okabe, Fujio Koyama, Toyo Kaneshige, Kanjiro Kawai, Tokuro Kato, Handeishi Kawakita, Seimei Tsuji, Ryoji Koie and more

*According to page order


■ Information
Discover, Acquire, Enjoy – The Appreciation of Sake Ware
Publisher: Abe Publishing Ltd. (4-30-12, Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo)



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