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The Winners of the Japan Ceramic Society Awards Have Been Announced

Works by Tozan Miyanaga III, 2023 Photo: Tadayuki Minamoto ©SHIBUNKAKU

The Japan Ceramic Society, a public interest incorporated association, has announced the winners of the 2023 Japan Ceramic Society Awards. The Japan Ceramic Society Awards are presented to the most outstanding artist of the year with the Japan Ceramic Society Award, and the Gold Prize is given to veteran artist who has made significant contributions to the ceramic art world or to artist who has already received the Society Award. The nominating committee, comprising mainly of art journalists, gallerists, researchers, and ceramists (past Gold Prize winners) from across Japan, submitted a list of candidates. Following this, the selection committee conducted a preliminary vote to determine the winners at the selection committee meeting.

In 2023, the Japan Ceramic Society Award, Gold Prize was awarded to Tozan Miyanaga III while Ryotaro Kato was awarded the Japan Ceramic Society Award. Tozan Miyanaga III’s works are collected in many museums in Japan and abroad, and this year he also received the Special Achievement Award of the 42nd (FY 2023) Kyoto Prefecture Cultural Award. Ryotaro Kato is the eighth generation of the Kobeigama Kiln and pursues Mino tea ceramics fired in ana-gama kiln, such as Shino, Hikidashi-guro and Oribe.

The details of the selection process and the reasons for the award were published in Tosetsu, issued by the Japan Ceramic Society on April 1, 2024. An exhibition to commemorate the award is scheduled to be held in Tokyo in October.


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