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Miyama Co., Ltd.
Mizunami, Gifu Prefecture
940-1, Ori Inatsu, Mizunami-city, Gifu, 509-6103, JAPAN
Hideyuki Matsuzaki
Katsuya Matsuzaki


Mizunami City is located in the eastern part of Gifu Prefecture. The town with a population of 38,000 people is one of the most well-known porcelain producing area alongside the neighboring towns of Tajimi City and Toki City. From 1940s until 1950s, the porcelain manufacturers in Mizunami area played an important role as an international manufacturer of tableware and their technology was highly regarded in the world. In 1977, Miyama was established by Mr. Katsuya Matsuzaki who was a school teacher. At that time, the potter’s wheel was the preferred method of production, but it was difficult to produce western tableware using this method. Miyama was the first manufacturer to begin using the casting method in order to solve the issue.

Mold casting is the most suitable method for mass production, yet, every craftsman in Miyama works on their task conscientiously with their hands which give a charming flavor to their tableware. One of their main features is the white porcelain with high transparency on which soft decorations are applied, resulting in a simple but quaint aesthetic. Another unique feature of Miyama is a transfer technique called “risenyaki”, which uses Japanese paper decal made on copper plates to apply prints on porcelain with a moist brush. The added touch of risenyaki enhances the beauty of white porcelain with its printed texture.

Miyama is also good at making elaborate products such as intricately shaped tea pots. The company is maintaining stable production and is currently being headed by the founder’s son, Mr. Hideyuki Matsuzaki. He is making efforts in the development of both Western and Japanese tableware like tea sets and small plates and producing not only tableware for commercial use but also for daily use. As a result, their business has grown year by year.