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Masaki Irohara

色原 昌希
Gifu Prefecture
Kochi Prefecture

Aiming for porcelain that is close to our daily life

Focusing on the glaze intently, he dips the porcelain into it with a constant rhythm. There is a youthful vigor to his posture. Mr. Irohara is from Kochi Prefecture. He was attracted to the charm of porcelain, which is intertwined with our daily living and it prompted him to knock on the door of “Tajimi City Pottery Design and Technical Center – Gifu Prefecture” with the aspiration to practice Kogei. After graduating from the center, he joined Miyama in 2015. He says “I want to enrich the people’s life even if it is just a little by producing porcelain which I feel is good”. Mizunami City, where Miyama’s head office is located, is an area known for producing Mino ware and they are proud to be the producer with the biggest manufacturing capacity. Besides the capacity, the city also has a well-structured manufacturing system which is conducive for learning and this has attracted a healthy number of young people from other prefectures to work in the area. Mr. Irohara says, “The condition of the products will be changed by my hands. To perform my role with responsibility gives me a great satisfaction”. The process of glazing is not difficult, nevertheless, it is an important step of many other steps by other staffs which ultimately creates depth in the porcelain. The glaze on his hands will dye him a deeper color little by little.



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