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Hisahiro & Michiko Soejima

副島 久洋・美智子
Saga Prefecture
Saga Prefecture
1960 / 1966
Manager and Artisan

Studying is incredibly enjoyable

In an area rich in nature which is known for producing Ureshino tea, Mr. Hisahiro Soejima and Mrs. Michiko Soejima have been producing pottery for a long time. Both of them said in unison with a smile “We have never used a PC before”. This harmonious couple was responsible in developing “Soekyu GOSU” which consists of 5 different shades of blue. They took the opportunity to join “Arita Revitalization” a 400 years anniversary project in 2016. The test sales during the exhibition as well as in shops attracted public attention and their workshop regained its energy. Mrs. Soejima says “I have a lot of opportunity to talk with various people through this project”. She started to study the weblog in order to communicate their products to more people. “Meeting people and studying is incredibly enjoyable for me”. When she is painting the color on the ware by “dami fude” technique, she has a commanding air and her appearance is exquisite. The day that “Soekyu GOSU” take flight abroad is close at hand. The people around the world will marvel at these 5 blue colors.



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